September 18, 2019

Yes, they are human. But is that enough?

Alexandra Desanctis on the widked man, Ulrich Klopfer »

Klopfer’s neighbors did not have to tread on his victims in the street, but in his careless collection of these remains, he has forced us to look with horror at what abortion does to the fetus, to admit to ourselves that he or she is but a tiny child. The truth has slipped in: Abortion is a violent act, the taking of a human life.

It is a horrific story and Desanctis does well to summarize the terror that was found by Klopfer’s family after his death.

The truly sickening part, one that Desanctis does not fully address, is that so many on the pro-abortion front now readily admit that, yes, abortion is killing an innocent child - they just don’t care. That is the true depth of evil and depravity.

For people with a heart, with a shred of a soul, their witnessing the terrible results of an abortion may change their mind. I fear our society is being driven to a point where not even that is enough to disgust people into ending this horrible practice that has been a scar on our country’s history.

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