January 28, 2020

Why Society So Hates Children

Brian Suave

Why do we despise children? Let me give you a theological answer: There is a great and chasmic antithesis yawning in the hearts of fallen man—a hatred of God that goes down to the bone. We hate our little ones because we hate the God in whose image they are knit together. This is why ours is a world where some of the very people crying out to save the whales and protect the sacred migrational corridors of arboreal squirrels also advocate for the murder of children in the womb; the babies bear God’s image—the whales don’t.

In this excellent post by Brian, he’s decrying the state of our culture that so looks down on large families - or families in general. He puts his finger on, I think, one of the reasons people seem to be so anti-children these days. Highly recommended reading.

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