February 5, 2019

There are no limits to the depravity of anti-life movement

Alexandra Desanctis

But there’s a reason that Democrats and abortion-rights supporters are so focused on and opposed to this legislation, to the point of lying about it. Although the bill doesn’t restrict abortion rights, it brings into crystal-clear focus the irrationality of the pro-abortion position. If those who support abortion concede that perhaps there is something wrong with permitting an infant to die the moment after birth if it was meant to have been aborted one minute earlier, suddenly the question becomes, Why is it acceptable to perform that abortion one minute earlier?”

If the infant has moral status when it is wholly outside the womb, why not one minute earlier when it is partially, or even wholly, inside his or her mother? Does the moral status of this human being hinge on its developmental stage or its location? These are the types of questions that defenders of the abortion movement will do anything to avoid confronting.

Therin lies the crux of the argument. And there is one side that is set on ensuring the continuation of the culture of death.

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