August 22, 2018

Postmodern Chickens Come Home to Roost

Liberals the world over have been mocking and laughing at Rudy Giuliani recenlty - and, to some degree, he had it coming. The former mayor recently stuck his foot in his mouth on Meet the Press” by saying truth isn’t truth.”

Now, in context, he seems to have been referring to the fact that no one can know the truth of a situation if they weren’t there. This is true, because without first-hand knowledge, we all have to rely on the word of the two people who were present. So, while it’s not as bad as it initially sounds, it does raise an issue that the church and society overall have been faced with in recent years that seems to only be getting worse.

As soon as that show aired, the media, social media, and the self-proclaimed political pundits on the internet were quick to jump up and down on the former New York mayor as being ridiculous for claiming that truth isn’t truth. Even Todd himself, laughs at the idea that someone could claim that truth isn’t truth.

But, that’s precisely what Christians have been told for years, while being criticized as being closed-minded.”

This is how it usually works (as you can hear on nearly every witnessing encounter captured on Wretched Radio). Someone will be confronted with the truth claims of the Bible (often, the exclusivity of Jesus) and will respond with, well, that’s true for you if you believe it.” Or, people will be told that because a man thinks he’s a woman, he is - despite what biology and our own two eyes tell us. In these cases, truth is obviously relative (we’re told) and it all comes down to personal belief and feelings.

These same people mocking Giuliani for saying that truth isn’t truth,” will quickly dismiss the greatest truths of the universe as simply being subjective or up to personal opinion. We shouldn’t be surprised that they will deny the truth of Scripture based on their blinded eyes, nor should we be surprised of the double-standard applied when someone repeats their choruses of truth not really being true.

What we should do is herald the truth, the real truth, and pray that it would go forth into a society so confused about what the truth really is that a prominent political figure can go on national television and declare truth not to be truth.

Sanctify them by the truth; Your word is truth” -John 17:17

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