December 11, 2018

No, Abortion is Not Healthcare

Alexandra Descantis, writing for National Review, reviews the strategy of Planned Parenthood to rebrand” abortion as health care.

But even in our Orwellian age of reupholstering language for the sake of preserving the privilege of tossing away the unwanted unborn, we all know that health care doesn’t kill. Sometimes technology fails us, and very often the sick die, in spite of the best efforts of doctors and progress. True medicine never aims to kill.

Setting a broken bone is health care. Prescribing allergy medication is health care. Open-heart surgery is health care. Lethally injecting a living, entirely unique human being and suctioning it from its mother’s womb piece by piece is not health care. To say otherwise is total delusion or utmost evil.

There’s a reason why defenders of abortion rights refuse to define their terms. If they call abortion what it is, they will lose. Many people will speak up for women’s autonomy. Many more will defend the right to access health care. No one wants to justify killing unborn human beings.

This is important to understand when discussing and something that we cannot allow pro-aborts to get away with. We cannot soften the truth of what abortion is by calling it health care” or a medical procedure.” We need to make people say what it truly is - the gruesome murder of an unborn child.

Until people can accurately understand what abortion is, they won’t truly see the horror that we have allowed to infect our society for far too long.

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