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Jameela Jamil and the Depravity of the Pro-Abortion Crowd

Recently, I was scrolling through my Twitter feed (a destructive hobby if ever there was one) and I came across this tweet, highlighting the depths of depravity in the minds of the pro-abortion folks.

Receiving THOUSANDS of messages about how I made a mistake having an abortion 7 years ago and how I must be a miserable person… I am in fact a happy, thriving multi millionaire, madly in love, with free time, good sleep and a wonderful career and life. But thanks for checking💋 pic.twitter.com/F0QqQVv1tQ</p>— Jameela Jamil 🌈 (@jameelajamil)

Now remember, abortion is the taking of an innocent human life. The pro-abortion camp can say all they want that it’s a clump of cells, it’s not a real life, but they’re wrong. Plain and simple. Once conceived, that child is not only a living, distinct human being, but also made in the image of God.

Taking that into account, Jameela said that the murder of her unborn child is acceptable (and even preferable) because:

  • She’s made a lot of money.
  • She’s happy.
  • She’s in love.
  • She has free time (implying it’s not taken up by an annoying child).
  • She sleeps well (not sure how given this depravity, but that’s a different discussion).
  • Has a wonderful career.
  • Has a wonderful life (which, ironically, she denied the same opportunity to her unborn child).

This is the value she, and many others, put on human life. These simple trivialities of their day-to-day outweigh the life of another person, making it perfectly acceptable to murder them in the womb.

On the one hand, it’s appalling to consider that such small things could be worthy of murder in their mind, but I think it’s telling. It’s the reason why people who are pro-abortion fight so hard to deny that the unborn truly have life. If they were to admit that these are human beings we’re talking about, and face the fact that they are murdering that human being for their own convenience and comfort, they would have to make peace with their own selfishness and depravity.

It’s why the crux of the pro-life argument needs to be about showing that the unborn are distinct human lives, created by God, and deserving of life and protection. Sure, there are some who are even more depraved than this who admit that, yes, it is a human life, but they don’t care because it’s their body and their choice. I don’t know how to reason with someone like that.

But, for those who deny the fact that the the unborn are fully human and fully alive, we need to help them see the error of their belief. They need to understand that they are choosing to put their own comfort, money, and “free time” ahead of the life of another. If they choose to dismiss that fact and go on living in ignorance, that is their choice, and they will have to answer for that one day.

The abortion battle will be won and lost on the definition of the unborn. Because, if people who hold a pro-abortion view are willing to admit that, yes, the unborn child is a human being, it becomes much harder for all but the most depraved to be comfortable with murdering that human simply to get a good night’s sleep.